• Webinar on December 16
    Successfuly Overcome your Buyer's Price/Budget Objections

    Do your Prospects:

    - Tell you everything looks great but defer decisions because of budgetary considerations?
    - Use your proposals to shop your competition?
    - Appear indifferent to your ROI analysis?

    Less than 25% of buying decisions are made because of price. Discover how to strategically navigate the sales cycle so you don't fall victim to pricing pressure.
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  • Imagine if you could Clone your Top Performer?
    Sales Success isn't just a matter of luck, hard work or experience
    All sales people experience luck, many work hard and many become quite experienced, but very few become superstars. What sets this select group apart from the rest are a series of behavioral traits that push them to connsistently exceed expectations. These traits can be objectively assessed and used as criteria measure potential new hires to assess their likelihood of success.
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  • The Sustainable Growth Program
    A Comprehensive Sales Training Program to elevate your Sales Team's Performance
    You don't need to be in a recession-proof industry to thrive in an economic downturn. Successful sales people don't follow the doom and gloom herd, they lead the pack. The Sustainable Growth Sales Training Program was developed for sales people who are ready to do what it takes to succeed in a stressful economic climate. Do you want to give your sales people the tools to realize their untapped potential and increase your bottom line? Read more>>

  • Are you Burning Money with your New
    Hire Strategy?
    Seeking a sales superstar? Find out if you're making these critical mistakes during the interviewing and selection process.
    If you are consistenly addressing the same issues over and over with your sales team, chances are you will end up doing the same thing with your new hire. Find out if you're making these critical mistakes when selecting and training your new candidate. Read more>>

Webinar Dec 5: Increase Leads with Successful Internet & E-Marketing

This economy leaves many businesses vulnerable to lower closing ratios, extended selling cycles, and client attrition. Maximizing existing client relationships and using cost-effective marketing techniques are key to business success. Discover what it takes to transform your web presence into a lead generation system.

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Sales People have the Capacity to earn more than any other Profession

So what's holding you back? Sales Superstars aren't born, they're made. Discover the obstacles you need to overcome and the key strategy you need to implement to reach your full financial potential. 

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Does your Prospect always seem to be holding the Winning Hand?

This economy has strengthened most buyers' negotiating power while deteriorating the morale of even the most experienced sales people.  Discover the common techniques buyers use to enhance their position and discover how to proactively overcome these financially devastating strategies so you can focus on closing more deals on your terms.

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What Clients Say

I used to think of myself as a great sales person until a couple of years ago, you helped me realize the techniques that worked for me in a good economy are counter-productive today" 

After just a few classes we are looking at our pipeline differently and using our time more efficiently. We aren't chasing indifferent prospects anymore and we're not competing on price, we're aggressively pursuing new business and motivated by closing deals instead of pep talks." 

 I have always supported my sales team with sales training but with recent cuts in our training budget I had problems finding anything substantial...this program fit the bill and even better, it doesn't cut into work time, there are no missed classes and additional support is there for the team members who need it."

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